Ensure every family can afford health care

There are few Representatives with any knowledge of health care delivery systems, and because of this Florida is ranked 47th in the nation in health care access and affordability. It is time for leaders in Tallahassee who understand how to deliver quality health care.


The rejection of Medicaid expansion by Tallahassee politicians prevented over 800,000 Floridians from getting health care, hurt rural hospitals and nursing homes and cost Florida good-paying jobs in health care.


As your Representative, I will work to expand Medicaid and lower health care premiums for our families. I will make sure all families get the care they need.

Give Every Child
a Great Education

Over the last two decades Tallahassee Republicans have neglected public schools and stolen tax dollars from public schools to fund unaccountable, for-profit schools. These irresponsible actions have led to our schools continuing to be underfunded and to Florida being ranked 46th in the nation in teacher pay.


Kayser will make public education funding a priority in Tallahassee again, raise teacher pay, and ensure that our teachers get the support they need. Every child has the right to get a great education from a public school, and our public schools should be preparing our children for success.

Help Create More Jobs Worth Working

I believe that too many families are working hard for too little. People who work full time jobs should able to afford to raise a family. That’s why I support raising the minimum wage and expanding access to affordable child care.


But we also need to do more for middle-class families who are struggling as well. That’s why I will get rid of taxpayer handouts to special interests and use that money to help small businesses grow and to incentivize businesses for giving workers much deserved raises.

Putting the Environment
Ahead of Polluters

Kayser will increase funding for springs protection and restoration, ban fracking in Florida, block the pumping of sewage water into our drinking water and reduce the pollution causing algae blooms and killing wildlife across our state.

Stand Up
for Florida Families,
Not Special Interests

Most importantly, I’m running to clean up Tallahassee, which these days is run by lobbyists and the special interests that fund politician’s campaigns. I’ll give the power back to Floridians and work everyday to better the lives of our families.

Email: Ennekingforflorida@gmail.com

Phone: 352-641-0714

Address: PO Box 358480 Gainesville, FL 32635


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Kayser Enneking, Democrat for State House, District 21.