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Our government has been broken for too long with politicians more interested in pleasing their donors than making life better for our families. Instead, Tallahassee politicians have made life harder for our families by refusing to provide affordable health care for our families, sending tax dollars to private schools instead of fully funding our public schools and allowing insurance companies and other special interests to take advantage of our families.


I’ve spent my career finding ways to improve care for patients at UF Shands and have a plan to do the same for our state government. If we come together, we can accomplish so much for our families. Here’s my Prescription for Prosperity for our families.

Provide Quality Health Care for All

There are few State Senators with any knowledge of health care delivery systems, yet every day they are making decisions that impact all of our health. I believe my long career providing care will provide needed balance and expertise in this critical area


The rejection of Medicaid expansion by Tallahassee politicians prevented over 800,000 Floridians from getting health care, hurt rural hospitals and nursing homes and cost Florida good-paying jobs in health care.


As your Senator, I will work to expand Medicaid and lower health care premiums for our families. I will make sure all of our families get the care they need.

Give Every Child a Great Education

HB 7069, the disastrous charter school bill, is an appalling piece of legislation that will siphon hundreds of millions more of your tax dollars to for-profit corporations at the expense of the 2.7 million children in our public schools. 


Public education makes for stronger communities, I want to invest more in our public schools so every child has a chance to succeed. And I will work to expand Bright Future Scholarships so more families can afford to send their children to college.

Turn the Sunshine State into a Leader in Solar

Even though we are the Sunshine State, we haven’t been a leader in Solar energy. Tallahassee politicians siding with power companies and against solar has cost our state jobs and resulted in families paying higher energy bills.


I will work to mandate solar panels on government buildings to help prevent climate change while saving tax dollars. And I will push for low interest loans and a property tax cut for homeowners that install solar panels to help more families save on their electricity bills with rooftop solar.

Stand Up for Florida Families, Not Special Interests

Most importantly, I’m running to clean up Tallahassee, which these days is run by lobbyists and the special interests that fund politician’s campaigns. I’ll give the power back to Floridians and work everyday to better the lives of our families.

Protect Florida Families from Gun Violence

I won’t just stand idly by while our children get gunned down at school. It is well past the time to pass commonsense gun safety legislation.

I support a ban on assault weapons meant for the battlefield and universal background checks to prevent criminals and the mentally ill from buying a gun.

Help Create More Jobs Worth Working

I believe that too many families are working hard for too little. People who work full time jobs should able to afford to raise a family. That’s why I support raising the minimum wage and expanding access to affordable child care.


But we also need to do more for middle-class families who are struggling as well. That’s why I will get rid of taxpayer handouts to special interests and use that money to help small businesses grow and to incentivize businesses for giving workers much deserved raises.

Email: Ennekingforflorida@gmail.com

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Address: PO Box 358480 Gainesville, FL 32635


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Kayser Enneking, Democrat for State House, District 21.